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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


I believe Walmart has Pyure liquid. No Walmarts near you?


I concur :wink:


this is a trick that helped enhance some of my already steeped mixes when i find flavor became muted - i don’t really know why & how it works… i found it thru trial and error - and it worked many times on different mixes - mainly creams, creams + fruits, and creams + nuts. so i use it all the time now.

sharing here in case others may find it useful - if it works for you pls let us know.

step 1: the fixer_1: I prepare a mix of 4% TPA Ripe Banana + 6% CAP VC v1 (so total flavor is 10%, the rest is my base as usual - i also add nic to the same % i would vape - in this case 2%) - this mix doesn’t need to steep for long. i give it at least a day after a good shake

step 2: I add ~5% to 10% of “the fixer” to my mute/bland mix. can do that in the bottle (example: for 20ml i will add 1ml fixer) or in the tank (usually few drops). give it a good shake (if in the tank, i give 20 mins or so to blend), then i vape on. the muted mix gets “brighter” and the base flavors are enhanced.

working on another fixer for mixes that come out peppery after steep using the same approach.

i don’t vape the “fixer” by itself, the flavor is too faint/weak, but i was surprised by the effect it has when added this way to already steeped mixes. [edit: so if RB and VC enhance flavors, why don’t we just add small % in the original mix? i tried that and it doesn’t have the same effect as adding it after the original has already steeped]

let me know if this trick works for you and if it helps save some of your steeped mixes. pls try it first with a small sample of your mixes, and not in large amounts just in case it doesn’t work for you


I think if you were to use a different Peach it would help. FA White Peach is exceptionally potent but very pleasant at lower levels this can yield a more realistic peach. If you’d like the peach to stand out more I’d use white peach FA at 1-2% w/ your original mix and yes Champagne FA can have a boozy astringent effect up above 1% I’d take it down to 1 and you may also consider Quince TFA for a nice mixer it’s more apples and pears than any peach but it will fill holes and make a better palatable vape. I like Quince TFA around 0.50- 1% it is strong so YMMV completely for all of these values as I taste peach extremely well ! Good Luck :smile:


may i know what’s your base on this “fixer”? max PG or VG?


@Cidz, 30/70 PG/VG
[Edit: plugged the ratios in ELR calculator here to make it easier]


I guess this is very true. Thanks lolly :grin:


I love it but I might try vaping the individual flavors first then play with the ratios to see if it can be improved upon. Thanks for the tips SthrnMixrr. :+1:


Ok this is a general reply lol I do like sucralose but only at very low amounts I don’t even usually put this in recipe calculator at all I use capellas super sweet at usually 3-4 drops per 30ml which for me is just enough to give it that boost it needs. If using tfa sweetener it’s half as strong as super sweet so therefore I use 6-7 drops per 30ml and tfa marshmallow is very good and so is toasted marshmallow (my fav) tfa! If you use to much sweetener it’ll actually ruin your mix imho and kills subtle layers in it! Anyway bye :wave:


I love the sour apple note on the exhale but I was after a more sweet/bubblegum-ish taste upfront on the inhale.
Not sure how to get this with my current flavor stash.


i got my hands on PYURE brand but its a powdered stevia, can i use this instead? i can’t find any pyure liquid here. :frowning:


I’ll give it a try, thanks! :smiley:


Believe you can but as I said earlier, I personally do not use sweeteners. It will have to be mixed with PG. Perhaps some of these people who have experience mixing the powder will chime in and tell you how to do it…


I used reb a powder and @Chewy 's Pyure Clone. I have not used pyure powder and it looks to have reb a & organic agave inulin and I have no clue what that is. It may be a filler of some description but that would certainly be a research point for me if I were to use that powder.


Rebaudioside A is the sweetening agent in the Stevia leaf as I understand it from reading the Reddit threads (that was well over a year ago, and in DeeperDIY, again, if I remember right)

The Inulin and all the other stuff is what made me more interested in the pure powder though. As I was only wanting the sweetening aspect, without the erythritol, etc., that way, once I got to that point, I could add erythritol, malic acid, etc. separately, as needed.)

Someone correct me if I’m wrong of course!


It shows each serving to contain 4% of the daily dietary requrirement for fiber. Where is that coming from? What is it and do you want to vape it? The liquid variety doesn’t contain anything like that -


It’s from the inulin.


Im down in Kenosha but wasnt too far from yer area this past weekend. We went up to the UP for a week.

@SthrnMixer I never argue with folks on flavorings, people like what they like and im good with that. :slight_smile:


This is very true! What might not look good to someone might be great for others! Well at least I know if I ever need to mail you something it wouldn’t take long to get there lol


What is quince?? I’m definitely going to order white peach. Excellent suggestion