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Never thought about Condensed Milk By RF a full VG sweet and creamy or… Is it??
It might help some recipes I have in my head. Let me know what it tastes like.


The VG version is actually better than the SC on this particular one, and still fairly strong.

Sweetened Condensed Milk: 10% @ 1 week steep. Very authentic flavor especially in such a hard to find flavor. Sweetened milk with a nice rich thick mouth feel, with almost a hint of dulce de leche mixed in. Can’t wait to try this again at 4 weeks, assuming it will get noticeably richer. Not a stand alone flavor for me, but oh what it will add to my mixes! I’m guessing 2-6% in blends?

@4 week steep. This is very very authentic and delicious. I’m not getting any hints of dulce de leche now that it has steeped. Pure thick sweet rich cream, great mouth feel. This will be getting a lot of use. Among many others, I can see replacing sweet cream with this. It’s thicker and creamier. Can’t wait to play. Cakes, custards, ice cream, 7 layer bars…mmmmmmmmm.

UPDATE: This still continues to impress me, in the 1-2.5% range for mixes. It strengthens a lot with a steep.


[quote=“MysticRose, post:229, topic:136031”]
The VG version is actually better than the SC on this particular one, and still fairly strong.
[/quote]The original Sweetened Condensed Milk beta was soooo good. Never fails when I find something I love. Poof! :laughing:


I appologize and didn’t mean to leave you hanging…quince is a cross between an apple and a pear it lends both notes and it can really be influenced either way say your working on a juicy pear recipe and you just haven’t been able to get the right pear note down well adding some quince just may be the missing link and same goes for a snappy bright apple that is crisp quince would certainly help it out as well.

in my recipe here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/491671/Johnny%20Appleseed%20 I have it pushing the apple and increasing it’s juicyness.


Oh cool…i didn’t know it had pear-ish flavor. Ive only tried it as a
paste once. I dont remember much about it


@MysticRose, thank you! Exactly my thoughts, it could help instead of the Marshmallow or Custards, to thicken and sweeten up recipes. Thanks for the head up on the percentage used i thought about 3 to 4% instead it’s a step lower. 1-2.5%


Have I told you lately that you’re awesome? :apple::pear::hugs:


I need to mix up a v3 of this but I thought I’d throw it in this thread first to get opinions. I’m not getting any oak to come through. I started at .5%, upped it to 1.2%, now I’m thinking about 2% but I’m wondering what others’ opinions are. I want a nice oaky flavor but I don’t want to push it into a weird flavor territory. What’s the highest you’ve used fa oakwood? I feel like I should change gears and really crank it up, just not sure how much is too cranked…
I think I’m going to add some tpa toasted mm to add a little smokiness to compliment the oak.
Anyway, here’s my latest version that I’ve tried:

The custards and butter all seem on point, so here’s what I’m thinking for v3, unless someone suggests bumping the oak higher.


You could up oak… but I think the custards are compressing oak wood and taking the effect away.

Maybe try using custard FA instead of Tpa. That way you don’t have to use so much oak wood and you could use 3.5 custard FA and 0.75 oakwood FA.


Cool, I will try that for sure. Thanks!


I just got some more versions written up. I think I’ll just mix up 4 or 5 different variations all at once, then I can compare more easily… and hopefully it saves me a few months. Lol
If anyone else has ideas lmk. :grinning:


Aw thank you :smile:


I have a recipe thats bugging me crazy!

Well i am trying to clone the “Deamon Vape - Fontana 4706” Myljuice - Artsy pastry edition. (This is a Apple Pie RY4… The owner told me that much at least)

Now i dont have any doubt about the RY4 and apple pie part of the recipe. But that is about it… I know the Company uses capella and TFA. They also use some local stuff (Philipines). Anyways… The Fontana 4706 juice, has this sweet bakery/pastry taste to it… a very good one i must add.
Now i am waiting for several flavors in the mail… But until then… Is there anybody that has tasted this juice ? If yes, do you recognise the flavors in it ?

My interpertation so far: ( the * means i am 75% sure about the type of flavor. Not sure on the %.
** Means i am certain about the flavor in the original (99% sure about the flavor) juice)


RY4 Double or RY4 from TFA - 0.86% ** I know this one is in the original
Apple Pie TFA - 0.3% * Not sure if this is the correct apple pie, or if they use a combination of the apple pie
Apple Pie FA - 0.68% *Not sure if this is the correct apple pie, or if they use a combination of the apple pie
Marshmellow TFA - 0.7% * I just added the marshmellow to Experiment… Have no idea if it is correct…
Brown Sugar TFA - 0.12% * Not sure if they use this, or if they make a flavor mix just for the pastry flavor itself.
Pie Crust TFA - 0.4% *Not sure if they use this, or if they make a flavor mix just for the pastry flavor itself.
Super Sweetner - 0.21% ** Pretty sure about this one

Any suggestions on it ? Now i have started really low on the % range, as i was thinking to work my way up :stuck_out_tongue: All help and suggestions are truly needed :slight_smile:


And also, i put 0.2% Acetyl Pyrazin in the mix…


The flavor combination sounds tasty as all get out. But I’m curious about the flavor percentages you have here. How did you arrive at them? Some seem far too low to me which is why I ask. No, never had the juice, but I do know at least 2-3 of those flavors would be all but imperceptible at the percents you show.

I did see you said “not sure about the percents”

Ok, rather than leave it here, I’ll say…

RY4 Double - minimum I’ld use around 2-3%
Apple Pie (TPA) minimum 5%
Brown Sugar minimum 1.5%

That’s not to say these are the proper percentages for your clone, only that much below these percents and you may hardly notice them in a mix.

Marshmallow as a sweetener may be perfect
Apple Pie FA - not used so can’t help with that one.Same with Pie Crust.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Started really low on the %, just because i wanted to taste my way upwards to the taste i am cloning. Like i know the RY4 is culprit in the FONTANA juice, i just dont know how much. So i i start low, and tast & add more RY4 doble, until it is just right… And i will do this for all the aromas i was thinking. But will start With the ones that are the most obvious first :wink:

Now that bakery/pastry note i keep getting from the original juice, has me stumped big time…
I have never tasted such an aroma to be honest. Not even in a vendors juice… Now that being said. It could be the steep time wich is the factor needed for this one, or it could also be a mixture of several aromas that make up this bakery/pastry note i can taste. I will never give up on this one :wink: And i will post it here, and on the forum when i am done

Ordered about 30 New flavors the other day, so i am kinda hoping this pastry flavor i am looking for is in the mail now :wink:
I dont actually think TFA pie crust is the correct one honestly. But it makes for a completly New recipe anyways, wich is kinda tasty as well :wink:


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that… :laughing:

Good luck with nailing that pastry note. That could prove very difficult, but if others here know that juice flavor and can offer input you may just get lucky.


Aha! I got it. I actually got it!!! Wow what a feeling :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

LOL… And so easy. Thought to my self… Companis always want to save a buck if they can. It’s business for them… Hehe. And I have made simple recipes before wich has been very complex in flavor notes I have gotten from them. So I basically said to my self, what would I do, if it was my company… I would keep the recipe simple and low cost.
So I took the 2 obvious flavors I could feel, and added enough sweetner. And baaam.

So here is a close recipe on “Deamon Vape - Fontana 4706” Artsy pastry edition.

Apple pie FA 2% (Might knock it up to 2.3% or 2.5%)
RY4 Double TFA 2.15% (might go down to 2%, will steep it and see)
Super sweetner (don’t remember the %) but it was 6-7 drops on 50ml of juice :grinning:

Should test it and see… Will try and clone they’re entire line and publication it.
It’s a personal thing…


Well alrighty then…way to go! Now if you’re good at cloning stuff there is a juice only available in Canada from One Last Drop called Picasso’s Palette. I’ve gone bonkers trying to clone this one…as have others :slight_smile: There will be a tiny, uninhabited island where you’ll find us in another 10 years or so, desperately checking nature for the missing ingredient. Just follow the scent of Lychee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am a beginner to the DIY E-Juice world and I think I already messed up my first try of making my own liquid. Recently, I followed a recipe of Mother’s Unicorn Milk by apwroblewski, I thought the recipe was perfect (as in the sweetness) since it has 4% of Sweet Cream TPA in it. After 4 days of steeping, the liquid smells really good. The strawberry paired with the cream notes really came out. But after trying, I was really disappointed. It tasted very bland, as in not sweet at all. Mind you, im the type of guy who really loves SWEET liquids. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem? Is it fine to put in probably just 2% of Sweetener TPA?