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Ditto this! If anyone has any feedback on the WS-23 please let the rest of us know.


Just made this and it tastes pretty darn close to green peppers…what…the…hell…

My guess is too much on the honeydew perhaps…


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made it public…sorry bout that


No worries. Yes, the Honeydew may well be too high. Most of the SC flavors from Real Flavors have a usage between 0.5 and 2%.

Check out the notes and recommended usage -

Get used to doing this. Now not all the data is universally accurate, but it often will help you work with flavors you’re not accustomed to.



FA Apple Pie 2pct
FA Fuji Apple .75
FA Cinnamon Ceylon .25
Cap VCV1 2pct
FW VBIC 1pct
FW Sweet Cream .5pct

ok i have not mixed this and im hoping for some help for another apple im thinking INW two apples
this mix im going for a Apple Pie Custard ive mixed apple type vapes but never an apple pie , ive read the notes and may add some FA cookie , however how does everything else look ? should i bring up the fuji and cinnamon any thoughts would be great and i have read the threads regarding apple that is why im leaning towards two apples INW , but any other suggestion or confirmation would be great ty


I love apple. So I’d up the Fuji. As for adding one…it would change from Fuji greenish to a reddish apple flavor profile. Some like it some don’t. I’d do a side by side.

And where is the biscuit one? 0.25%


For cooked apple I think that fuji is too bright, so .5-.75% is probably as high as I’d go, just enough to give it that little bit of apple tang. Inw two apples can get floral if used too high, I like using it in small amounts to boost apple juice/ciders. It could definitely work here as an accent, but I wouldn’t make it your main apple flavor. Cap double apple is a great cooked apple flavor, I really like it as a top apple note. Fa apple pie is more crust than filling to me, and 2% is great. You probably dont need to add cookie to it for the crust effect.
Here’s what I’d do:
FA Apple Pie 2pct
FA Fuji Apple .5-.75
FA Cinnamon Ceylon .25-.5
Cap VCV1 2pct (maybe higher? 3-4%)
FW VBIC 1pct
FW Sweet Cream .5pct
Cap double apple 3%
Inw two apples .2%


Caps double apple is good. It’s a sweet red and yellow delicious apple. Not sour


@VapeyMama @R113 @Chrispdx ty this info at least gives me the nod to try the recipe , i havent done a lot with apples , cinnamon and ive never tried the apple pie , and i respect and value all you opinions ill mix this one and buy another apple or two for the V2 lol

so if you guys were to buy only one apple would it be the Cap or INW


im thinking of adding cookie at .5 to 1pct is this what you mean i was also considering sugar cookie instead of cookie ??? when all else fails add sugar cookie lol


Cap double. 100%.


Absofuckinglutely! :laughing:


Biscuit inw. It pulls the crusty notes up.


Best advice you’ll hear all day.

Mixer drops the mic and disappears into the crowd :smile:




thats hilarious ty , that purilium had to make it tough ill read notes then i may have questions ty


ok read notes , sounds like a great apple for what im trying to do here , am i going to mix this with the fuji or will it be used alone ?? silly question but looking for you opinion


If it were me I’d get the Country Apple and try it. Then if you feel help is needed maybe add Fuji. I don’t think you’ll need anything else though … CA is just that good if cooked apples is what you’re after. More specifically, like a cooked Golden Delicious.


Inawera shisha apple is good. It’s a sweet apple. I really like the caps double apple. It’s a good strong all around apple flavor