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Great Scale You need this one


For imgur you want to use the second offered link with file extension


thanks Bro!


I really understand what you’re saying, and of nearly 5 yrs. of mixing, this has never happened to me… and I use some of the most concentrated flavors available.


Lucky you, Flavor precision is most important for me. I track what the recipe says and what I really drop. So I can recreate it. As far as 50M not enough I can still weight up to 50ml of flavors. Say 20% The PG and VG just use the bigger scale, since PG VG arent as important But think for a second 50ml/20% of flavor can still make a 250ml bottle of e-juice.


I swear by this scale. 50ml with Precision Instant display no missed drops for under $20.00


WooHoo!!! :tada::star_struck::wink::hugs::rofl::+1:


I have 4 friends that swear by that scale. so I brought it when i started DIYing and I love it. and that scale is so sensitive. I have a little desk fan and i have to turn it off and I have to use a totally level surface or it will jump between .2 and 1 ML when its not level


For working with small measurements on LB-501 the trick is:
You tare the scale and drop a drop, if the scale does not register it blow on the scale, it will go up and drop back to the weight accurately. I think @BoDarc gave me that trick. but we have moved beyond the LB-501 now:
JK, but I do wish they would come out with a LB-1001 :smile:


I hope that is a typo, because a 30ml glass bottle alone weighs 48g according to my scale.


correction… 48.425g! :rofl:


I was allowing for “windage” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I get 42.05, I must have cheap bottles


LMAO… just order it, 17 bucks and you’ll be happy knowing your 0.03 two drops is really two drops at 0.039 so you don’t add that fatal drop and push it to 3 drops. No more blowing or missed drops and better understanding of whats really happening with drops. they all are not created EQUAL


38.15 for mine. Old cosmic fog bottle


I get 37.846


27.926 for 15ml glass


no its 27.65!


thats another thing. I forgot how many drops i did onece and thought Id tare-off an empty bottle, but thay are all different even from the same manufacturer


Not if you’re using the scale in post one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(you missed my point bud…) chuckle

That’s why I asked…


Ok Ill post drops for yall