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Congrats man! Well done.


Thanks, if it wasn’t for ELR and the many friends I have made here it would have been a tougher road, but with ELR it was smooth sailing.


The day I quit smoking is a day I will never forget. I have been a pack to a pack and 1/2 smoker for over 40 years. I tried everything, pills, patches, gum and the worst cold turkey, which we all know just turns into a person you never knew exsisted in side you. On 03-11-2018 at 10:35 am, my DH and I decided to go to a local vape shop and see what it was all about. We got in our truck, got there fairly quickly and stubbed our cigarettes. We walked in told the owner what we wanted to do. We bought what he recommended and left. Started vaping and haven’t looked back. Vaping changed our lives, so much so, my DH, went back to the vape store took a picture of the door and told the owner “there are only two doors I have walked through that truely changed my life, one was a church door and other was yours!” We have not touched a cigeratte since. Looking forward to a cigarette free life!!


Congratulations, @vape_lip_likah ! That’s an awesome share. :slight_smile:


Congrats. Keep it up.


@vape_lip_likah Great quit story. Enjoy the freedom !!!


I love that story :grin: And I’d like to congratulate your vape shop owner for having the expertise to set you up correctly. Wish I had walked into that shop when I was trying to quit. Bravo!


I don’t normally take the time to write on these threads and feel guilty for it. I quit smoking 100÷ the same day I started vaping 3 years ago after 21 years of heavy smoking and at least a gazzillion quit attempts. That’s not why I’m answering this thread though. I hope everyone here knows about the upcoming proposal to ban flavored vaping products in the USA. Time is running out, but we can all help by posting a story about how vaping FLAVORED liquid helped us to quit smoking. Every post helps! https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/03/21/2018-05655/regulation-of-flavors-in-tobacco-products


Feb 15 2018 after 45 yrs found a e-liq Jabako out of minn. Have not even think of reqular smoking anymore.


hi, my name is Allang, this and I’d love to share my story of how I quit smoking. First I would like to say congrats Alisa!!! Good work!!
I am almost 35 and have smoked cigarettes and cannabis via bong since I was 13, at times very very heavy smoking of over an ounce of cannabis and a pouch of tobacco a day. now I am proud to say I haven’t had a bong since January…
When I quit bongs I went to smoking cigarillos heavily, I was smoking a box (10 packets) a week. Just before I found vaping I was smoking 2 cigarillos at a time… My friend introduced me into vaping and I haven’t looked back!!! I haven’t smoked a bong or cigarillo since I got my first vape mod and I’m proud as can be to say I am not a smoker anymore.
Subohming has literally saved my life. I started out with a reuleaux rx 300 4 battery mod which helped me placebo my mind into thinking I was holding a bong… And the flavours I got from my ejuice helped me deal with the loss of lovely flavours I used to enjoy from smoking cannabis… I get even better flavours from ejuice then I ever got from pot. The benefits are numerous… My dentist is happier with me, my doctor has now changed my file to non smoker for the first time since I was 13!! My health has improved, my quality of life has improved and all in all I love myself more knowing I am adding years to my life by eliminating carbon monoxide and the rest from my system.
I’ve said enough I think, so I’ll end it with this, I no longer have any desire to have a cigarette/cigarillo or a joint/bong… Just hand me my vape mod and I’m a Happy man.
Allang here saying good job Alisa welcome to the ever increasing proud group of non smokers that are we vapers.
Vape on family!!