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I think I have bought too many flavors at once


Problem is I really wanna explore as many of the nooks and crannies of the flavour world as I can. I mean I have had aniseed that tasted amazing and aniseed that tasted like soap. I have had flavours that were highly touted but tasted like vomit to me (must have been too much butyric acid). And surprisingly the best flavour I have ever tried was the flavour from my strawberry flavoured cartridges from one of those disposable cartridge e-cig mods that was left for 7 months at the back of my cupboard and to this day haven’t tried anything as good as that! and I have tried my fair share of “best” liquids out there.

I know that the rabbit hole is real, but nothing comes easy I guess.


Some flavors last longer than others, depends on the recipes you make.
But let’s say that you use 5 to 10% flavoring in an e-juice (some popular juices go up to 20% flavor), then you can make 2 to 4 liters of e-juice with your 20 flavors. There are people here who vape 30ml a day, so that’s good for 65-130 days. If you’re vaping a little less it will last you a little longer but the last drop of those bottles will be gone before next year.
So no, you didn’t buy too much flavor. What you will notice is that you’ll buy flavors that you really like (and will use more) and others that you don’t like and may dump. You’ll be looking for alternatives from other brands and soon you’ll understand what this “rabbit hole” really is.
There’s always a good recipe around the corner that you will want to make for which you don’t have the right flavor and your stash will grow.


I routinely open up flavor orders, sort them, then say at least once, “WTF did I order this for?”


I got 2 bits of advice from my recent mixing start.

1 start with small batches as therr is a very good chance first tries will be not great.

2 if you got tpa caramel cappuccino like me be afraid. Its STRONG.

3 (i know i said 2 but meh) use the knowledge and advice here before you mix. The recommended % on vendor sites are mostly bs check here on the database for good starting point.


There’s always another recipe you want to try out that calls for a flavour, or several, that you don’t have.
And so it begins.


It isn’t all for me but it just seemed to fit in the thread :rofl: - it arrived today. It is 3x the full flv flavour line some of them are very hard to source here in Au since they are on the no fly list with most online stores (they have to be shipped as dangerous goods).


Got you. Came here for a quick advice, ended discovering a universe within a universe! :smile:


And that’s just one small corner of the universe. Imagine how much there is you aren’t aware of yet!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s simply no cure. Definitely, you can read, heed, and refine. But the fact is, how do you know what flavors you love until you try them ALL! ALL OF THEM!!! BUY ALL THE FLAVORS!!! BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

OK, maybe it isn’t quite that extreme, but at least it is fun. Good luck on the journey, and stick around for some great advice and inspiration.


Can I add that you should do single flavour tests, exactly like I didn’t, so that you don’t end up with 182 concentrates most of which you have no idea what they’re like and there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna sit down for a whole day just squeezing a few mils into tiny bottles and rewicking endlessly and basically doing what you should have done when you got them first. Ahem.