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Pyure - Testing What it does for Fruits and Harshness



What do people think of this brand of stevia?

Personally I have been opposed to adding anything to my ejuices. Sadly, I think the last push I need for orange is the smallest amount of a sweetener.


I just ordered from here with international shipping for $3:
I received an email with the following code for $5 off a first order: SAVE2017.
BTW, the il at the beginning of the URL will change according to the country you enter the site from, so you might want to use http://iherb.com/pr/Pyure-Brands-Organic-Liquid-Stevia-Extract-0-9-fl-oz-26-ml/72090 if the first link doesnā€™t open correctly for you.


Mine says ā€œConsume within 30 Days of openingā€ Anyway to preserve it longer? Also see some flavors from Capella with Stevia added as a sweetener on the market. Anyone have one of those flavors? - do they say to use the flavor within 30 days also?

Pyure Liquid Stevia Extract. Water, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A), Natural Flavor. Local Grocery Store small bottle 1.8 FL OZ (53ml)


they changed the formula of the organic steviaā€¦it use to have aplle cider vinegar an citric acid probaly as a preservativeā€¦the dont make it like that any moreā€¦that was the better oneā€¦i tried the newer version and its differentā€¦has a taste where as the older version had no tasteā€¦you can still find places with the older versionā€¦


@AlanS TY Go figure.