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Should I go by the average or the median percentages


As for me rating my own mixes I feel they deserve a 5 star (from me) in comparison to other supposedly 5 star mixes I’ve tried. If anyone rates it a 5 then I hope they are being honest with their ratings.

The suspect activity I speak of is that not only is your clique/group propping your mixes, you all rate each others mixes the same way on day 1 of each recipe release. That is clique-ish activity IMO. I don’t have anyone just following me around and dumping a 5 star rating. Just admit that no matter what either of you make you all are going to give it 5 stars on the 1st day of that recipe release whether it deserves it or not.


@Steve-o_54 im On topic:
The mean is just the average of all the data, where the median is an average of all the data with the outliers removed. So look at the median for more correct results, that might eliminate anyone (aka hooligans) entering erroneous data just to change the results.


Before this goes on ad infinitum and the back and forth eventually kills the thread completely, I think it’s a fair observation that @Pro_Vapes makes in regards to the ratings. It also highlights a major inherent issue with a rating system- intentional abuse. @nikpal, as for the part about just giving your opinion on the original topic, that may be true but it came off sounding like a putdown, claiming that no sane person would mix at a certain %. Clearly that is a stone recipe with the VG and PG element removed. I could see how that comment could be viewed as a bit aggressive.

Like a bad burrito, this too shall pass. How about continuing the disagreement in PM, or just dropping it? Group Hug!!! :grimacing:


I’m done…


english is not my native language.sorry if my answer to the first post looked aggressive,this was not my intention at all


1)i am not a member of this group for 11 months now 2)i am still a friend with some of the group members,5 of them to be exact.3)none of us has ever rated his own recipes.4)i don’t want to be impolite,but i really don’t give a shit about my recipes been 5star rated,simply because i only do this as a hobby.5)I am done with this argument
@Steve-o_54 i am sorry…


Just be sure you aren’t done with the place totally. I’m sure you have some good info and experience to share.


You’re absolutely right! Thank you so much for pointing this out! I’ve always gotten those terms confused. I’ll fix it in case anyone reads that and doesn’t get a chance to keep reading down this far. :hugs:

Edit - Wait, I googled this in case there are other math terms that might help and now I’m not sure. :frowning:

I hate math :confounded:


I don’t know what you’re talking about @Pro_Vapes, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary …

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I like it!!!

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I found this reply from @daath in the 1st instance of this thread…


Solid gold!

English is not my first language, so I use !!! in the comment section so I can 5* rate my buddies mixes. Effing brilliant.


Lost credibility…in 7 different languages

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I was just pointing out a definition: an average is an average of all the data, and a median is an average of the data with outliers removed.
Source: Statistics for Dummies

The other method of finding a median is to sort the data smallest to largest and pick the middle number, or the mean of the 2 middle numbers (for an even numbered data set).

The way we applied it in surveying was get the data, remove the largest and lowest values, then mean all the other data.

IDK why the average of all the data, and a median without the outliers removed would yield different results if the median is just a mean.


I’ll be honest, you’re speaking a bit above my abilities with your calculations, I was just pointing out that @daath had replied to the question he asked… I leave the complicated math problems to the experts.

Just in a very simple calculation… 1,2 and 64 mls the average would be 22.3 mls.

I’m figuring the outliers would be 1 and 64?

If you throw out the outliers would the median be 2?


Yes but for straight line median, but I would want 5 pieces of data minimum:


No mathsmatician but throwing out outliers(stones and quacks) and using the median derived within the “standard deviation” be best bet? :wink: couldnt tell ya how to do that tho


Coding would be somewhat problematic, but prob so. just removing the hooligans would help :slight_smile:
but at least for me i’d have to do it manually. and that is why I don’t just rely on ELR average and median. I look at the recipes usage, then other sites, then try to make an informed decision that way. After mixing and a steep if it is too strong, I dilute downward (a**-backwards).


My bad I didn’t notice the dates when I 1st viewed your mixes.


I have mixes?
oh yeah im a noob :smile:


if you find one rating from me with !!! i will delete my acount in elr.just one!but if you don’t then the right thing to do is to edit your post