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Using "The Juice Calculator" recipe import function


About getting the flavor stash in, I think I forgot to save it LOL
It seemed to work well on my 2nd attempt. The flavors imported with the vendor names like
Blueberry (FW)
Which isn’t too bad to rapidly get the stash imported, then I think on future recipe imports the recipes will come in just fine.


I use Excel also, been wanting to export recipes where is the export all recipes? I only see export for the Flavor Stack now.


I just do it each time I mix, I export that individual recipe and past it into excel.


@CosmicTruth Tried a few times, must not be doing it right, keep getting whole box of errors, import stopped.


OK out of the flavor stash export flavors to CSV:

You will get a .CSV file you can open in Excel but it looks funny, each line will have something that looks like:
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA);;;2.50;10.00;X;""

The top line will have something that looks like:
Flavor;"Single_Percentage";"Rate";"Cost";"Volume";"Used in recipes";"Note"

What they actually are is a semicolon delimited list, all the cells are in column A, to convert it click the data tab, then select column A, then click text to columns:

So you click delimited then next, the next part of the function will allow you to select semicolon as the delimiter, and finish


If you just had cell A1 selected (like dummy me) it won’t get the entire column.
After you do that you will have to do some edits to take out any unneeded data like notes but you are well on your way to pasting the data into the recipe calculator


In the calculator you have to create a recipe (I called it stash) click tools, import from excel and create template:

That just creates the template to paste the information from the excel spreadsheet you made.
save the spreadsheet in the recipe folder, then click import from excel/do the import.

The problem I’m having then is those flavors are not in all my recipes, just the stash recipe. So my workaround will be to make stash my recipe defaults and do a save as right after i make a recipe? i duno yet…

Hope this helps :smile:


I found it! I found it!

It will be exported with ; delineated fields as we are discussing, and they are difficult to read.
But you can export all your recipes to a Excel .CSV file.


OMG! Thats great CT. TYSVM! Thats so good to know been delaying entering my recipes cause I didnt think export recipe was do able here.


To get them into the juice calculator program I think it may be best to export each recipe individually.


Ill have to take a second look at that app… It’s loaded w features and I was very impressed, but if I remember… it was hard to just create a simple recipe and just have the app auto-fill the DB (like on ELR recipe creation), without having to enter the PG VG NIC Flavs and all the parameters for each of those. that kind of stuff seems like it should all be done in the background and secondary to just making a recipe, Aa least for me, I don’t have millions of flavors, to justifiy getting that involved. I might have missed something maybe it is easier and I had a brain fart. :happycry:


I’ve used that calculator extensively and it is very well built and has a great UI…
Although ELR is the one I keep coming back too, and because it’s accessible from all my devices… it’s IMHO, the best choice to use and has everything you “need” to make what you want successfully. Admittedly the Juice Calculator program may have everything you can think of for features (and pretty much does) that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best tool for the job. Just my 2c…


Agree, personally I just use ELR and have all my flavors in there and its all setup.
But with some work there is merit to having this also as a backup, just a lot of work to get it setup and ready.


I wish the programmer was around to work on us and we could fairly easily have something that would cleanly intermix with ELR. Then it would be a great tool!


Yes agreed. So much great coding and so much potential. I was saddened when I realzed I couldnt make a simple recipe. I just said oh well Im stuck dealing with 2 e-juice me up files to manage. thats why I was so happy when CT found the export recipes here on ELR.


@CosmicTruth That’s exactly the dilemma for me too… I’m glad that you can import data from here though
@Freddie3 tell me about it lol!
Seems like I spend very little time on my PC anymore and so it’s easy for me to use ELR and in all fairness to @daath he’s done so much tweaking to the UI on the calculator, it’s extensive enough to get the job done correctly and well… on the other hand a data base like ejuice calculator is very nice to have… so I’m going to try C&P my stuff and maybe we’ll see some integration between the two someday, and that would be wonderful!


Yea that would be nice. I’d love to use that app someday also! Last thing I’d want to be is a KillJoy


Here’s some redesign ideas ill just throw out there. I hope no one takes any offense. I can tell the coder is an expert and very invested time-wise into doing something cool, and I hope they still wish to work on this app. But as ex coder, I know I could never have made the great stuff I did before without UI people, designers and a whole team effort, it’s easy to get blinded when all you see is code in your dreams. lol So please It’s my thoughts wish list for this app only.

For Business or Hobbyist even though it’s a “Grand Ideal” nothing will ever replace a manual inventory count of stock. Takes very little time to go through your stash and determine what you need to order in your next order. Throw that part out of the app and don’t even think about looking back at it. Accounting is in the same boat, usually done in a separate accounting app more geared to tax purposes once a year costs / profits.

So you have 3 main parts left and a good DB design

  1. A pre-populated flavor list / “Stash” to start people off with. Im sure it would gain favor with people who have a hugh flavor lib’s. to have widgets to add all of TPA or Capella etc etc library at one time. Also I saw how ELR was going to implement a new naming convention, and it’s flawless and exactly how Id do it. It’s in a recent thread. Brilliant naming convention.

  2. Calculator not tied to any inventory amount or pricing now, or if you want to keep some of those features, at least get rid of the absolute (0) Zero. So if you have 0 VG and use 10ml of VG, let it run into the negative (-10ml VG) rather then locking people out of making a recipe.

  3. A “Steep Cabinet” with recipes made. use your imagination here.

And yes of course a way to import ELR’s stuff into it.

And the last wish I would have… Id love to be able to sort a recipe DB to see what recipes use the same flavor and at what %'s also. So I can look at it say… you know what, all the recipes where X flavor is under 3% I never taste it, but the recipes where it’s at 4-5% it comes through perfect and all the recipes where its over 5%, it must be the culprit for the mix tasting like rubber.


There are software of this kind out there. This one obviously is not one of them, but it’s also not designed for a new person to diy.

It is designed to track inventory, a reason a lot of us or at least I am using it. I mix for more people then just myself, and while I keep track of my inventory pretty good, it’s a great help, removing it would make this less popular.

Same for price and base ingredients, as well as weight since this is important to me, it also helps with accuracy, I mean there’s a reason I don’t mix by volume etc.

It is also designed to build recipe from scratch, which I love because I don’t mix popular recipes found on the internet, I do share tho, but I can type it into ELR in less then 4 seconds.

I write my recipes in note books, so I’m used to copying them into software or make written copies and what not. For that I wouldn’t need this program, yet I’m not saying this function should be removed lol

Percentage, here we go again. You have a note section. Test your flavors, find your personal percentage, type it into the section. Same for the names.

I mean I understand it’s overwhelming at the beginning and takes some user input (manualy), but removing the main features and make it some boring app, that can be found everywhere, is not something I would support.


I find entering data, mixing, and saving a little easier on ELR, BUT, have to be online to use it, and inventory is a HUGE thing for me, which I cannot do currently on ELR. That has been the driving factor in looking around AT some of these other options. The larger the hoard grows, the harder it is to keep track of stock levels. Havving 10-30ml on the racks, but jugs in the fridge and storage bins is a lot to keep track of, INCLUDING overstocks as well.


Yea Im radical. Throw it out. thats my style, If I don’t use something anything not just flavors in a year… It’s in the bin.

Trying to make this more popular.

The developer is trying to please everyone and its all the DYI’er that want to track their 3 hundred+ 10ml bottles that are keeping this program down.

Every time you pick up a bottle if its low, you write it on your list to order. Thats enough tracking ordering/inventory. But I understand there are horders and micro mangement types who love that kind of stuff. tracking every single ml of their juice.

Honestly if people threw out all the flavors they havent used in 1 year, they would end up with less then 75 flavors.

Inventory and tracking is boring to me, personally Id rather have a have steep cabinet. DON"T YOU WANT A STEEP CABINET? :sunny:

Yea Notes are ok but might not be good enough really, if you trust flavor vendors not to change their flavors or have one became spoiled.


Well then go for it. It’s probably good for that I guess.