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Using Water and Vodka as a base (Instead of PG)


I love you.

I thought sharing this could help people who have the vape burning their lungs to be able to vape again by sharing this.


Great you made a thread ! Fantastic and now easily accessible to those inquiring minds.


Jimmy. It says antifreeze on the bottle. It’s PG with pink food coloring and you know we can still love each other.


There’s no nicotine in that camper stuff… at least I dont think there is?


A little reading on PG and PEG and my 2 cents

PG = propylene-glycol when used as an antifreeze in Marine and RVs it’s colored PINK to show it’s FOOD safe and can be used in drinking water lines to protect against freezing. It’s also use in refrigeration systems where a leak could contaminate food supplies for the same reasons it’s FOOD SAFE.

PEG = polyethylene-glycol is the Toxic green stuff found in Automotive Antifreeze and even it is sold and used as a Vape Fluid under the guise of Cannabis infusing. ( See PEG 200&400 )

If you look you’ll see all my recipes have 1% or more of PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol) in my case it’s 151-190 proof EverClear
Works as both a fine carrier for additional adulterants like THC-CBD and helps enhance flavors in a high VG mix as @Maureeenie has noted.


In all fairness I do understand why people get upset to hear a vaper saying PG is anti-freeze. Just as Fidalgo and Jimmy assert, people think of the green poisonous stuff. We all know it’s not the same thing but really, it bothers a lot of people to vape so in that sense it acts like a poison. That’s why your info is so important. Thanks again. Yes we can all love each other! ~Group hug!~


@Maureeenie criticism aside, I love you for sharing your method. There are more people that can’t handle PG than the average crowd wants to admit and everyone who is willing to help those people deserve the proper dose of respect!
I’ve heard and read a lot about PDO, positive and negative things. I was willing to give it a try, but I simply can’t get it in the UK and importing it happens at ridiculous prices. This method seems to work and I’m really happy I’ve got an alternative to max VG now. It’s not that it’s absolutely horrible, but yeah, a better flavor carrier and/or thinning agent is sometimes appreciated.
Big, HUGE thanks :heart: and respect! You put a lot of time in this and know that it is appreciated by many.


yes you guys can we do :wink:


off topic but what makes a persons skin so oily , after vaping in my car while im waiting for an appointment my fave gets super oily is that the pg or vg im just curious , i actually carry stridex pads so b4 i go into a measure i dont look greasy lol at least not feel it


misread posts, thought you used the pink shaker to make your vg/alcohol/nic base.


I would guess mostly the VG since it is used in skin moisturizer, but probably a little bit of both as PG is used in cosmetics as well as moisturizers.


I do, I put pink PG in my camper lines.


You gotta fight… for your right… to vape propylene-glycollllllll!

Or Vegetable Glycerin. Love’s all the way around.


Oh, that menthol thing… I vape about 15 ML of menthol vape a day. This VG mix smooths out the menthol. If you go too high on he wattage with menthol you will smoke through coils like a… yeah. Fire. Menthol is very hard on coils. I get two weeks out of a custard tank coil. Menthol coil is toast in a week.


PG is also used as a preservative and …it kills bacteria.


Yeah I find the tanks I use for menthol go through coils faster than my fruity tanks. I usually keep each tank for the same general profile, lol.[quote=“Maureeenie, post:55, topic:138190, full:true”]
PG is also used as a preservative and …it kills bacteria.

And see, this is why I probably won’t go completely PG free. Someone recently posted a scientific break down about the % of PG that maintained a sterile environment in liquids. I’d still love the smoother.texture and to use less PG if I can manage it.


It’s in a ton of flavors people use, you really can’t completely get away from it.


This is the list of Open Source Juices and I think all of them call for 6-10% Penta Water. Copied from.


Jun '16
All Recipes are now copied into ELR, really sucks what happened to them seems incredibly unfair :frowning:



Oh Wow! Thank you.


Thank you so much for posting this @Maureeenie! I might have to give this a try!