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Vape Mail 2018


that Recurve is nice, good flavor, easy to build, airflow smooth


I tried a friends and knew I needed one in my life haha.


Not totally sure. I’m going to add it to a basic orange mix as a supporting flavor and then I need to create a separate mix as a primary star. On a sniff test it smelled pretty heavy. I might just do fresh cream fa and maybe coconut…I may research some desert recpies or flavor pairings.


i have that one but havent used it yet , so im just curious


I placed an order today at IMR Batteries for twelve Samsung 18650 25Rs. 4 hours later it was marked shipped. WOW


It goes really good in small amounts with peach and black/or sweet tea. Haven’t tried it with Apple yet.


I have the same results when I use illumn-As an added bonus, since they’re only about five hours drive from my front door I usually get my package 24 hours after it’s shipped without having to shell out for fast shipping! WIN!


Got my free-shipping-for-Labor-Day order from Medicine Flower today. Vanilla, Honeydew Melon, and Grape.

I asked for free samples as always, yet they did not include them this time. Bummed.


I really like all those you ordered… :+1:


I think I do too! I ran out of Vanilla so this is a second one. But reading here convinced me that I need to have those fruits. And I can’t lie, they smell fantastically amazing. Now, off to freehand add them to the database in a unique way!!! :sunglasses::rofl::grimacing:


I got me one of them there Squanker mods you all been talkin 'bout.


Great news @Jooshwa, what are your thoughts on it so far ?


Shizammm! That there looks lik a nice un!


What I wished for, a mansion:

What I got, a Mansion:

Joyetech Mansion, eGo Auto AIO


The mod itself is very nice. All metal construction, and the latch on the battery door is metal as well, so I don’t have to worry about that wearing out hopefully.

This is my first large RDA and I’m having some trouble getting flavor from it after trying 2 different builds though.


If you have a different drip tip it may help. Do you have a picture of the build?


in the second pic you can see the coil is pretty much level with the air holes.


With only 2 ive used w/ simple side airflow like that, i yanked it up so the bottom of the coil is in the middle of the airflow slot but not sure how high u are allowed w/ the top cap, make sure u test for short before u fire it of course.


I would do 2 things
Lift the coils so the air is hitting the underside of the coil
Get that cotton pushed up and to the sides to get more airflow under the coil


@Jooshwa If I’m not mistaken @TheTinMan gave me this EXACT same advice for a similar problem I was having, and he nailed it.