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VapeCraftInc.com 20% OFF DIY Supplies! (Nicotine, VG, PG, and Flavorings)


Good News Everyone! We are happy to announce we are starting to add 30mL flavoring sizes to our website!
Get 20% off all DIY products & finished eliquid today per our monthly DIY Sale :smiley:
We also lessened the price for both of our DIY kits and added way more flavoring bottles per pack. Enjoy!


Our Monthly DIY & E-Juice Sale is BACK! For 24 Hours get 20% off all ejuice lines & all DIY supplies!


Get 20% off site wide Eliquids & our DIY category till Monday! Use Code: “VAPE” in your cart. Free Shipping is given on (U.S) orders over $50!